Week One

Well, today has been one week since we stopped breastfeeding and started using formula, and I absolutely hate it! Formula is messy and I am so tired of washing bottles! Atleast it's only for a few months.  We also got Jackalynn's Cranial Band today.  The appointment was shorter than expected and only took about 30... Continue Reading →


A Sudden Change of Plans.

Makeup. That's what today's post was going to be about. Lip Liner to be exact. But there's been a sudden change of plans. Instead of the fun, exciting post full of pictures, which would have demanded a little "me time" to make happen. You're getting the complete opposite. But you know what I have to say... Continue Reading →


My precious Jackalynn Lee...... Before she was born it was just me, Jairo, our dog Miya and our cat Rambo. It had been that way for 6 years (minus Rambo for 5). It was great. We never really worried about much. We would go where we wanted, when we wanted to. Once or twice a... Continue Reading →

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