The Fight with Eczema and Cradle Cap

Jackalynn Lee 2 weeks

When Jackalynn was born, she had a decent amount of dark hair. I was so excited for the chance to add cute little bows and braids. However, that excitement was short lived.

Somewhere in the first month I noticed the cradle cap starting on her right ear and eyebrow. I treated that daily with a combination of baby oil and A&D ointment. It seemed to help, but then overnight it spread. She woke up one morning and it was in both eyebrows, her right ear and her scalp. She had a red bumpy rash all over the side of her face and it seemed to ooze a yellow goo. It didn’t bother her tho. So I just continued with the treatment I was using. From then on, as one spot would clear up, it would break out in another spot. Until finally- the hair on the top of her head was gone and she had a George Castanza hair-do.

Don’t get me wrong, she was the cutest George Castanza I have ever seen, but as any parent who has experience with this knows, it’s just sort of frustrating. 

The First Rash

The First 3 Months

At her two month wellness check, her Pediatrician addressed the cradle cap and just suggested that I keep doing what I was doing. She said that by 6 months it would clear up on its own. At this point I already knew that she would also have eczema, if she didn’t already, because I have it and it is very common in my family. However, her doctor did not address it until her 4 month wellness check. Over that time I had been applying lotion everyday and making sure she was always hydrated, but dry. Anytime she would sweat she would break out. So I had to keep her cool at all times, and make sure to wisk the sweat away at the first sign. That entire time I was stuck on cradle cap, and I only thought the rashes were because of the cradle cap. So I never thought to treat it like eczema. At her 4 month appointment her doctor pointed out some bumpy patches and said to start applying Eczema Cream everyday.

I didn’t even know this stuff existed and I thought that the cute purple bottle of beautifully scented baby lotion, that we all know and love, was enough. Boy was I wrong.


4 months- George Castanza in full effect.

After the appointment I immediately went out and bought the $17 tube of cream that the pediatrician had suggested. I used this brand for 2 months, day and night, and any time I felt she needed it. I did not see any difference in her skin. She was still just as patchy, and I feared that it was going to start getting even worse. Her cradle cap had made no improvements and we were already hitting the 6 month mark.

After 2 months, I told Jairo that I wanted to go  out and find a new product.

The next day we attended a FREE Santa Photo event hosted by New Life Ultrasound and Kayleigh Ashworth Photography. It was the cutest, and most amazing first Santa Claus meeting we could have asked for (did I mention it was FREE?). During the event they held a raffle and I just happened to win a super great Babyganics gift basket, donated by BabyganicsSD. Jairo and I were super excited because we love to try new products and find what works best for our family. Since we had never tried Babyganics, we were extra excited about this win.

Photo By @KayleighAshworthPhotography

Well, what do you think we got in that basket?

That’s right, Eczema Cream! The day after we had discussed buying a new cream (yes, it was a discussion, because that stuff is expensive and budgets are tight) we were blessed to win this basket with exactly what we needed! It was completely meant to be.

Photos by Newlife Ultrasound

As soon as we got home I applied it to Jackalynn’s whole body. Including her scalp.

My first impression was just sort of whatever. The formula was better than the other cream I had used, but the scent was almost exactly the same, as was the active ingredient. So I thought that there as no way it would be any different. Again, I was wrong.

I will never buy another brand of Eczema Cream. 

By the time bed time rolled around, Jackalynn’s skin was already showing improvement. I applied the cream again after her bath and by morning her skin was completely clear, and the softest it had been since she was born. Even her cradle cap showed significant improvement over night. I was sold!

We have been using the cream and other products for a little over a month now and we love the Babyganics brand because their products are simple. They don’t have a ton of unnecessary ingredients, they are gentle on our baby’s skin and clothes, and best of all they are affordable. You can always find coupons, and since I started using Babyganics, I can always find their products on sale at one of my favorite stores. While chatting with Taylor (BabyganicsSD) I learned that there are over 100 Babyganics producsts, and I was only aware of 5!

At this time, Jackalynns cradle cap is completely gone and her hair has almost all grown back. Her skin is clear and soft. People are always commenting on what perfect skin she has, and they always say its just because she is half Hispanic.

Beautiful Clear Skin at 7 Months

If I didn’t openly talk about the struggles of parenting, no one would ever know, what a job we had getting her skin so beautifully perfect. 

If you have a child with sensitive skin, and you haven’t already, give Babyganics a try. It might just be the solution you need, like it was for us. 

(I was in no way compensated for my review. Opinions expressed are based solely on my own experience.)

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