5:58 AM

For over a week, I've been stuck and didn't have an clue what to blog about. I asked Jairo last night, and his answer, "Just write about life. It's not always perfect."  So......here it goes.  It's 5:58 AM. I'm sitting in the bathroom drinking coffee, because there's no where else in our "studio" to sit... Continue Reading →


Testing Tuesday (Sensodyne Deep Clean) 

I wasn't really looking for a new brand of toothpaste when this mission came up on BzzAgents. I had seen a lot of advertising for Sensodyne and had considered it before but, being the coupon mom that I am, I would always go for the trusted brand with the better deal.  I was pretty excited... Continue Reading →

Testing Tuesday

Product Testing is one of the things that I do to keep myself sane (as I've discussed here). It is a fun way to try new products, share my opinion, save money and sometimes, make money. Some of the companies that I test for require different things. Some companies just require testing and a survey. Others require more.... Continue Reading →

Cranial Band Update

It's been one week since Jackalynn got her cranial band. The first week is used as an adjustment period meant to gradually introduce the helmet and to check for any signs of discomfort or adjustments that need to be made.  The adjustment schedule goes like this: Day 1: 1 hr on 1 hr off until... Continue Reading →

Beating the Stay At Home Blues.

Being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) has a reputation for being this glamorous privilege that only Stepford Wives, with rich husbands, can obtain. But it is so much more! While I agree that being a SAHM is a privilege, it is also a choice and it's not just Pinterest wins and rainbows all of... Continue Reading →

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