Cranial Band Update

It’s been one week since Jackalynn got her cranial band. The first week is used as an adjustment period meant to gradually introduce the helmet and to check for any signs of discomfort or adjustments that need to be made. 

The adjustment schedule goes like this:

  • Day 1: 1 hr on 1 hr off until bedtime
  • Day 2: 2 hrs on 1 hr off until bedtime
  • Day 3: 4hrs on 1 hr off until bedtime. On at nap time.
  • Day 4: 8hrs on 1 hr off until bedtime. On at nap time
  • Day 5-6: 8hrs on 1 hr off. On during sleep. 
  • Day 7: 23 hrs on 1 hr off (full time)

Jackalynn was adjusted and started wearing her helmet full time on Day 5

Sound Asleep

With the helmet comes a bit of a change in our routine. I used to give her a bath every other day because of her cradle cap and eczema, I didn’t want her skin to dry out too much. Now, in order to avoid rashes and overall “stank”, she has to have a bath everyday, sometimes twice a day. I also had to change the soap that I use for her head. 

Johnsons Bedtime Bath was my brand of choice, and it still is on occasion. But in order to avoid any funky smells from the helmet, Jackalynn’s specialist, Mike, suggested we switch to something with little or no scent. 

So before the helmet came, I tested a few other soaps that I had stored away. I tried several variations of Johnsons, Burts Bees and Jafra. I decided on Babyganics Shampoo and Body Wash. It’s foaming, so it cleans deeply and it is scent free so it doesn’t cause any weird funk when Jacky sweats in her helmet. It’s also gentle enough to use everyday, which was a major concern with Jacky’s eczema. I also switched from Johnsons bubble bath, to Babyganics Chamomile Verbena Bubble bath and instead of using the Eczema creme every other day, I now use it once or twice a day. 

The soap that we use, and any other bathtime things might seem so trivial and may not be blog worthy to some, but to Jacky (and me as well) bathtime is the best and maybe even the most important time of the day. 

For one hour a day she gets to be helmet free, and that hour includes bathtime. So anything that I can do to improve on that time for her, I will do. 

Aside from bathtime, we spend that hour winding down for bed, reading books, spending time with Dad before work and most importantly, we makeup for cuddle time that the helmet interrupts. For a good 15-20 minutes we just hug and kiss on her, massage her head, smell her hair and just get as many extra snuggles as Jacky will give. 
For me, the hardest part of this whole experience, is not being able to smell and kiss Jacky’s head whenever I want. I never realized just how often I would rest my cheek on her, smell her and just love on her. As many parents know, theres nothing quite as mesmerizing and addictive as the scent of your baby’s head. I now miss that smell for 23 hrs and day. 

Our first week has gone great, and today’s measurements  already showed significant improvements from her first appointment. In numbers, she’s down from a 9 to a 7 (normal is 0-4). 

Checking on the Chickens

We are so happy that she is doing so well and we are hopeful that treatment will be faster than originally planned!

If you have any suggestions on making bathtime more fun, leave a comment below. 

Be sure to like this post and follow for weekly updates! 


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