Testing Tuesday (Sensodyne Deep Clean) 

I wasn’t really looking for a new brand of toothpaste when this mission came up on BzzAgents. I had seen a lot of advertising for Sensodyne and had considered it before but, being the coupon mom that I am, I would always go for the trusted brand with the better deal. 

I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to test Sensodyne for free. So I applied for the sample and waited for it to arrive, which took about two weeks. 

Today, I have been using Sensodyne for one week, brushing twice a day. 

It claims to reduce sensitivity with a minty flavor and foaming formula. I don’t usually suffer from any severe sensitivity, but occasionally I’ll get a slight sensation while drinking or eating something really cold, like chewing on ice or eating Popsicles. Which I figure is pretty normal, so for this review I was focusing more on the foaming and minty flavor. 

On Day one I only used and pea size amount, as I normally would with other toothpaste. I was not too impressed. It was minty, but the “foaming formula” wasn’t too great. That night, during my second brushing, I decided to increase the amount that I used, to double what I had used in the morning. This time I got a smack in the face of minty freshness, and the “foaming formula” finally showed it’s stuff. 

I continued to use the same amount, twice a day, for the continuation of the week. 

Overall, I do like Sensodyne Deep Clean. It had a refreshing mint flavor that is not over bearing, and the foaming formula really does leave your whole mouth feeling clean and refreshed. 

On the down side, I do not like the amount that has to be used in order to get that freshness. With the higher price and smaller tube than my usual brand, I know I would end up spending much more to use Sensodyne. 

However, if I had a coupon or sale that made it the same price, or less, than my usual brand, I would chose Sensodyne. 

Do you have a favorite toothpaste brand? Let me know in the comments below! 

I really enjoyed this sampling. If you would like to get product samples of your own, for absolutely free, head over to BzzAgents to sign up! 

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