Helmet Update 

When I started blogging about Jackalynn’s helmet journey, I expected a lot more. We are coming up on the 2 month mark and I only have one word to describe it. 


That’s it. Theres really not much to it. 

We take it off for one hour every night. Dad cleans the helmet while I give Jackalynn a bath. Then we read stories and wind down for bed while the helmet and Jacky’s hair dry. 

Somewhere around 45 minutes, Jacky will start to rub her head and get anxious, wanting to put her helmet back on. It’s like she feels naked without it. Sometimes, if everything is dry and depending on her mood, I might put it back on a few minutes early. I always try to stretch out the hour tho. 

We have gotten used to the constant stares, comments and questions from strangers. Children have become the worst offenders, but aren’t they always? Bless their honest little hearts. 

At this point, we sort of just joke about all the questions and have even joked about the obscene answers we should start giving people. From time to time, there will be moments when someones questions or comments get under our skin. But isn’t that natural? 

For example; we went out for breakfast at “America’s favorite Diner”. The waitress sat us, got a highchair, pointed at the helmet and the first words she says to us are, “What is this!?” I politely answered and explained what it is. It was her response and attutude that completely threw me. 

“Oh ya, I know all about it my grand daughter had one.” And then she just walked away. Not another word. 

*face palm* 

If you “know all about it”, then why are you disturbing my breakfast with your unnecessary questions? 

It’s times like these, when people ask and ask, say ridiculous things and then follow it up with arrogant comments, that drive us nuts and stick with us. 

 My advice? 

If you have no idea how to be a decent human being and carry on a civil conversation, then do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask questions, make comments, or try to relate to anyone. Just spare everyone the time and consult Google. 

On the other hand, these encounters are rare, or we are just getting better at ignoring them. We get a lot more positive comments then negative. 

Every where we go, Jackalynn turns on the charm and starts making friends. 

I’ll be minding my own business, strolling through Ikea and hear women make cooing noises, or comments to their husbands about, “how cute that baby is“. One young girl told her boyfriend “Stop! Me and that baby were bonding and you ruined it!” Without having to look, I knew “that baby” was the one sitting in the cart in front of me.

On that same trip, Jackalynn was serenading the store with what we call, the song of her people (that sing song, yelling babble that babies do) and I hear a group of older men behind me saying “Well! That was a bold statement for such a little lady! Arent you cute!” Again, I knew that “little lady” was  my little lady. 
So all in all, the helmet has been uneventful and rather easy. Other than making Jackalynn a magnet for constant attention. Which only increases my anxiety about stranger danger! 

Ooohhh good ole Mom life! 

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Jackalynn and me at Cabrillo National Monument.


Finding My Happy Place

I have never been one to use visualization techniques to calm anxiety. I can remember as far back as elementary school, many times when teachers would make us visualize things like peaceful meadows, beaches and forests, or sometimes our own “happy place”. 

I would do this but it never helped me personally with whatever lesson they were teaching. Obviously, because I vaguely remember the lessons that followed.  

When I was pregnant, I read and heard so much about visualizing your happy place, or imagining what your baby will look like in order to calm your nerves and help through labor. Well, in my opinion, that was a joke! I knew that this would not work for me, but I told my self I would try it anyway. SPOILER ALERT: I tried it and it didn’t help me during labor. 

They’ve never worked, or maybe I’ve never had a true “happy place” to go to. That is, until last Monday. 

I’m not scared of much. Few things actually, and I like to think they are totally normal things to be scared of. 

  • Ghosts 
  • Clowns
  • The 91 (if you live in California, you know!)

And last but certainly not least…….

  • The Dentist 

Yes…..yes, I know. “But there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist.”  I’ve told myself this every time I’ve ever gone to the dentist, but every time, I get the worst anxiety and I become a shaky, sweaty mess. 

I didn’t go to the dentist often growing up, but in high school I had braces and spent more time at the dentist and orthodontist than I’d ever like to again. So I should be ok right? WRONG! I had horribly mean, arrogant dentists who made me hate going even more. Once those braces were off, and my mom stopped making my appointments (because I was 18) I just stopped going. But, being a Mom, and the responsible adult I am today (wow, thats a weird thing to call myself), I decided that I needed to get over my fear and get back to the dentist. Mostly to set a good influence for Jackalynn, in hopes that she won’t have the same fear that I do.

I mean, if I could make it through 19 hours of labor, I could make it through 1 hour at the dentist, right? 

So, last Monday I was scheduled for a deep cleaning. My first deep cleaning ever and my first dental anything, in about 6 years. My anxiety was high for days leading up to the appointment. The moment I walked in the office, I kept telling myself the trick I had learned in high school, 

“Breath through your nose, and wiggle your toes!” 

The Dentist came in and assessed me, I explained my anxiety and he was very understanding and made sure to make me as comfortable and possible. He even stopped to numb my gums even more and make sure I was comfortable. I was still a shaking, sweaty mess. 

I was lying there, breathing through my nose and wiggling my toes for a good 20 minutes, tense as my body could be and trying not to shake the chair too much. My anxiety at this point is telling me that I’m going to shake the chair too much, he’s going to cut me with this drill and I’m gonna die…….totally irrational, I know right? 

All of a sudden, Jackalynn’s favorite song pops into my head. I start singing it to myself, silently. 

“I love you, I love you. You make the world so bright. Morning, Noon and Night.” 

Then I start singing her other favorite songs, The Barney Song, Sesame Street and Somewhere over the Rainbow. Then I’m seeing her face laughing at me and playing peek-a-boo……and all of a sudden I realized I was totally relaxed. I wasn’t shaking anymore, and my heart wasn’t racing…….

And then the dentist stops and asks if I’m ok……..I was humming out loud and he thought I was in pain!! 

I almost died laughing and told him what was going on. He laughed and said “Whatever works for you!” 

And it did work for me. Like nothing has ever worked to calm my nerves before.

I could see her smile, and hear her laugh so vividly that it made me laugh and smile, even tho I had a drill and hoses in my mouth. In the blink of an eye, I went from being terrified, to feeling like I could handle anything. All because of Jackalynn. 

I went in scared, but I finished that appointment with a smile on my face and the realization that I have found my happy place, and her name is Jackalynn Lee. 

Do you have a special happy place that helps you through hard times? Leave a comment and tell me your stories! I’d love to read them!

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Pets, Gardening and Backyard Chickens

Long before I was Jackalynn’s mom, I was mom to a Miya, Sherman and Rambo.
My dog, turtle and cat.

I currently have a container garden that I started a few weeks ago and most recently, I started taking care my Father In Laws Chickens. Something I love more than I could have ever imagined. I mean, I knew I would love Jackalynn, it’s natural to love your own child, but I never realized you could actually LOVE a chicken. Well I do, a lot!

Every morning, I wake up 2 hours before Jackalynn, make a cup of coffee and start my Mom duties. First, the house pets.

I start by letting Rambo and Miya out. Rambo sleeps in the Bathroom, otherwise he causes a ruckus all night. But he usually spends most of his day hanging out in the bathtub, so he doesn’t mind his nightly retreat. While those two do their morning business, I start my coffee and fill up their food and water. I check Sherman’s water bowl, and if he’s not still sleeping, I might give him some lettuce as a treat, but his feedings are normally in the late afternoons. Next it’s on to the outdoor stuff.

I start with the chicks. We have 8 silkies who are currently 7-8 weeks old. I change their water, give them food and some love. We feed them Purina Start and Grow non medicated. That’s it. They are super simple to take care of. As long as they have food, clean water and a clean home, they are happy. Today we will start working on their permanent coop, right now they are still on their brooder.

Then I head back and feed the large hens. We have 24 layers and 1 Rooster. They are a little more work than the chicks are at the moment. First I check for any eggs that have been left over night. Because we have a rooster, and do not want to hatch eggs, I collect eggs a couple of times a day. If I don’t, there are a couple of hens who will try to hold on to their eggs and then it becomes harder to collect them. So collecting several times a day prevents this.

After I’ve collected the eggs, I clean up any mess that needs to be picked up. Chickens are very messy birds, and it’s important to do daily maintenence otherwise you can end up with a very dirty coop, and very unhappy, or even sick, birds. Once I’ve checked their food and water, it’s off to water the Garden.


My container garden is only a few weeks old, and still growing. It consists of;

  • Zuccini
  • Tomato
  • Bellpeppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Spinach (sprouts)
  • Lettuce (sprouts)

I also have several other seeds that haven’t sprouted yet  so I don’t want to count them in the line up, in case they never do sprout.  In addition to the vegetable garden, I have a few succulents and other plants.

My overall goal, is to teach Jackalynn useful skills. Today, it is a fun activity that she watches and enjoys, and will enjoy as she grows, but one day, that fun activity will turn into a useful skill that will help her as an adult.

I’m definitely no pro, but we are learning new things every day and it is so much fun to have a hobby that produces useful goods.

Do you have a hobby that you and your family enjoy together, or one that you enjoy alone? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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