Pets, Gardening and Backyard Chickens

Long before I was Jackalynn’s mom, I was mom to a Miya, Sherman and Rambo.
My dog, turtle and cat.

I currently have a container garden that I started a few weeks ago and most recently, I started taking care my Father In Laws Chickens. Something I love more than I could have ever imagined. I mean, I knew I would love Jackalynn, it’s natural to love your own child, but I never realized you could actually LOVE a chicken. Well I do, a lot!

Every morning, I wake up 2 hours before Jackalynn, make a cup of coffee and start my Mom duties. First, the house pets.

I start by letting Rambo and Miya out. Rambo sleeps in the Bathroom, otherwise he causes a ruckus all night. But he usually spends most of his day hanging out in the bathtub, so he doesn’t mind his nightly retreat. While those two do their morning business, I start my coffee and fill up their food and water. I check Sherman’s water bowl, and if he’s not still sleeping, I might give him some lettuce as a treat, but his feedings are normally in the late afternoons. Next it’s on to the outdoor stuff.

I start with the chicks. We have 8 silkies who are currently 7-8 weeks old. I change their water, give them food and some love. We feed them Purina Start and Grow non medicated. That’s it. They are super simple to take care of. As long as they have food, clean water and a clean home, they are happy. Today we will start working on their permanent coop, right now they are still on their brooder.

Then I head back and feed the large hens. We have 24 layers and 1 Rooster. They are a little more work than the chicks are at the moment. First I check for any eggs that have been left over night. Because we have a rooster, and do not want to hatch eggs, I collect eggs a couple of times a day. If I don’t, there are a couple of hens who will try to hold on to their eggs and then it becomes harder to collect them. So collecting several times a day prevents this.

After I’ve collected the eggs, I clean up any mess that needs to be picked up. Chickens are very messy birds, and it’s important to do daily maintenence otherwise you can end up with a very dirty coop, and very unhappy, or even sick, birds. Once I’ve checked their food and water, it’s off to water the Garden.


My container garden is only a few weeks old, and still growing. It consists of;

  • Zuccini
  • Tomato
  • Bellpeppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Spinach (sprouts)
  • Lettuce (sprouts)

I also have several other seeds that haven’t sprouted yet  so I don’t want to count them in the line up, in case they never do sprout.  In addition to the vegetable garden, I have a few succulents and other plants.

My overall goal, is to teach Jackalynn useful skills. Today, it is a fun activity that she watches and enjoys, and will enjoy as she grows, but one day, that fun activity will turn into a useful skill that will help her as an adult.

I’m definitely no pro, but we are learning new things every day and it is so much fun to have a hobby that produces useful goods.

Do you have a hobby that you and your family enjoy together, or one that you enjoy alone? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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