Helmet Update and Giveaway Winner! 

At the start of Jackalynn’s treatment, they told us it would be a total of 7 months, minimum. Jackalynn had other plans. 

At her last appointment on May 9th, Jackalynn measured in at a 4.8% (down from a 6.9% the month before). To remind you, normal head shape measures between 1 and 4. Mike has said he would like too see it down one more percent, but that at this point, when we end treatment is entirely up to us. We have decided to make that her next checkup on the 6th … just under 3 weeks!

That means Jackalynn used her last growth spurt to cut 7 months down to 3! 

I couldn’t be happier or more excited to start seeing my baby’s hair grow everyday, to feel her head on my chest when she hugs me and to smell her scent instead of hard plastic. 

I feel extremely blessed and fortunate for the way this has worked out. Her case of plagieolcephaly was not severe and it did not take long to correct. I know that it could have been far worse or taken years to fix. 

Now, it’s time to stock up on bows, hats and other accessories! Which means I need to find some good shops to….well, shop! 

I love small mom and pop businesses. So, If you know of any great shops for baby accessories, if you make baby accessories or know someone who does, leave me a comment. I’d love to find some great new shops! 

A couple weeks ago I posted a giveaway for a free 6 pack of V8Fusion Energy (sponsored by BzzAgent). 

There was only 1 valid entry, so the winner is Denna Palmer! Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your case of Pomegrante Blueberry! 

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Being Kind to Mom

With Mothers Day approaching (and Mexican Mothers Day having already passed, we celebrate both in this Family)….

Are you serious?! I just spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself and couch…….

The evidence.

(This is real mom life people!!)

Well anyway…..back to my original post….

With Mother’s Day approaching (my first!), I’ve been thinking a lot. Thinking about my own Mom, other Moms, being a Mom and “Mom Shaming”. 

First of all, why is that last one even a thing?! Why do we shame people at all? 

Especially now. I’ve seen more “Mom Shaming” this week alone, than I have in a long time. And it’s heartbreaking. One particular example that really bothered me, was a friend of mine being judged for being a working Mom. How can anyone judge a Mom for working to provide for her Family? 

Erin is a wonderful Mom, like so many that I know. She works hard to provide for her family, and she expresses her wishes to stay home with her sweet Kennedy all the time. Unfortunately, where we live, it is very hard to make that happen. But an explanation isn’t needed. It’s their life and they will do what they see best for their family. This is their season, and it is no one elses place to tell them how they should be living it. So why do people feel that it’s ok to kick a Mom who is already hard on herself? 

I experience this daily and as a new mom, I know that we question every little thing. 

Are we giving them enough food? Is it the right food? Are their clothes and diapers the right size? Wait, is poop supposed to be that color? Should they be walking already? When do I start teaching her to count? What’s that bump on her face? Why won’t she sleep? Is this the right formula for her?         And on…and on….and on……

And then strangers start to chime in…...

“What’s the helmet for? Does she REALLY need it? Well back in my day…….” Well back in your day, did they teach you respect at all?! 

From friends and family’s houses, to the grocery store and church. Everywhere we go someone is always questioning, then questioning some more, and then throwing in their unsolicited advice. 

Even at church, where we should feel safe and guarded from any ridicule or judgment, I have had more cast upon me than anywhere else. 

“It’s the trendy thing to do now” and “I don’t understand the fad” are among some of the most disheartening things that I have heard from absolute STRANGERS. 

I didn’t chose to put a cranial band on my child because it’s a fad like Kylie Jenners lip injections. I did it because her pediatrician, (the person I trust most and turn to for advice on her overall care) suggested that we have it evaluated. How does that make me a questionable parent? 

If you ask me, your judgment of me, makes you a questionable human being. 

Unless a child is mistreated, than people need to learn to just leave parents alone. Let them navigate the tough road of parenting without your added speed bumps. 

Now on to Moms in general. Where do I even start? 

First of all, Happy Mothers Day to each and every beautiful Momma out there. No matter what your parenting style is, if you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a breast feeding mom or a formula mom, you are all amazing! 

We have a tough job as Mom’s

Most days we don’t get to finish a warm cup of coffee or eat a meal before it’s cold. We go days without showers and sometimes forget that we need to pee. We question ourselves all the time and often, a lot of us feel alone. And most of the time, these things go unnoticed by others. 

That Mom you judged at church on Sunday for her wrinkled shirt and frizzy hair, she was up all night with a fussy baby and barely had time or energy to pull a half clean shirt out of the laundry basket in the rush to get to service 15 minutes late. The Mom that you made assumptions and joked about at the grocery store who had perfect hair, makeup done and nice clothes on, isn’t rich with helping hands, she probably got up hours before her family did in order to leave time for herself before the madness began. The Mom who you were rude to for her baby still wearing pajamas, is a single Mom who is working a full time job and going to school. Feeding her baby breakfast and getting to work on time was more important to her than the clothes that the baby was wearing. And by the way, check the diaper bag, chances are there’s a clean outfit or two shoved in there for later.

Before you make assumptions and judge a Mom, take a moment to think about what she could be going through. Before you question her parenting or why her child has a helmet, question how she is doing. Ask her how she is feeling and if she needs anything. If you see her carrying an arm full of bags on one side, and baby on the other, offer her a helping hand, not your unsolicited advice. 

You never know just now much a kind gesture or word, could mean to Mom who feels overwhelmed and alone. Even those of us who have awesome support systems, sometimes feel alone. 

So this week, let’s make an effort to end “Mom Shaming” and let’s start something positive. Let’s Be kind to Moms. Make it a point to get to know another mom, or to tell a Mom how great she is doing. 

Buy your Mom a cup of coffee, and then let her drink it while it’s still hot. 

Let’s start “Mom Sharing” and share stories about the wonderful Moms in our lives! 

Just Be Kind to Mom’s. 

From one stressed out, overwhelmed Mom to another…. You are amazing and no one compares to you! 

Thank you for reading! 

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Testing Tuesday V8 V-Fusion Energy 

On this Testing Tuesday, I’m going to tell you about V8 Energy, which I received complimentary, for testing purposes, from BzzAgents. 

(Keep reading for your chance to win a 6 pack for yourself!) 

I was super excited and ready for this bzzkit. 

I am a daily coffee drinker, and own just about every type of coffee making device possible. I really REALLY enjoy coffee. Jairo works night shift and often drinks energy drinks. He tries not to because of the terrible ingredients and health risks of your normal energy drinks. 

We both get busy and lack in fruit and vegetable consumption. We really should eat more fruits and veggies. We know this and it is a daily struggle of ours. So being able to get a full serving of fruits and veggies and energy all in one sounded really great. 

In the bzzkit I received three cans of V8 Energy in; Pomegranate Blueberry, Orange Pineapple and Peach Mango and several high value coupons for even more FREE cans. 

To be completely honest, we were so anxious to try them that we cracked them open and tried them before I remembered to take a photo of my bzzkit. Ooops. Luckily we received 5 coupons which were enough for a free 6 pack, each. So over this testing period, we had the opprotunity to test and share 33 cans of V8 Energy. 

Out of the three flavors we tried, I liked Orange Pineapple the best. Each flavor was delicious and I would purchase each one again.  They actually taste exactly like V8 fusion Juices. 

Now to the facts. 

Every can is 8oz and only 50 calories. It has Zero fat, 12g of Carbs and 10g of Sugar. Which isn’t bad compared to other energy drinks, or my morning cup of coffee. It also has one serving of fruits and vegetables and 80mg of caffeine from green tea. 

We drank these almost every day for over a week. We took them on our day trips, on hikes, to the Zoo and to the Safari Park. We also drank them while hanging out at home. 

While it doesn’t give you the same boost in energy as coffee, or other energy drinks, it definitely has a perky side. I felt more alert, without feeling wired or gittery, and there was no crash. Which is perfect for a busy mom who needs an extra boost throughout the day. 

While I still prefer my coffee as my morning source of energy, I will continue to enjoy V8 Fusion Energy for a mid morning or mid day pick me up. 

I enjoy the steady energy it provides, and that it helps a busy mom still get in the fruits and veggies she needs without unnecessary ingredients. 

The only downside; 

We wish the cans were bigger. 

I have one coupon left, good for a free 6 pack of V8 V-Fusion Energy. I would like to give it to one lucky reader! Follow the rules below for your chance to win! 

Giveaway Rules: 

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To enter: 

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Giveaway will end on Monday, May 15 and winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 16. 

Thank you for reading and Good Luck! 


Helmet Update 

When I started blogging about Jackalynn’s helmet journey, I expected a lot more. We are coming up on the 2 month mark and I only have one word to describe it. 


That’s it. Theres really not much to it. 

We take it off for one hour every night. Dad cleans the helmet while I give Jackalynn a bath. Then we read stories and wind down for bed while the helmet and Jacky’s hair dry. 

Somewhere around 45 minutes, Jacky will start to rub her head and get anxious, wanting to put her helmet back on. It’s like she feels naked without it. Sometimes, if everything is dry and depending on her mood, I might put it back on a few minutes early. I always try to stretch out the hour tho. 

We have gotten used to the constant stares, comments and questions from strangers. Children have become the worst offenders, but aren’t they always? Bless their honest little hearts. 

At this point, we sort of just joke about all the questions and have even joked about the obscene answers we should start giving people. From time to time, there will be moments when someones questions or comments get under our skin. But isn’t that natural? 

For example; we went out for breakfast at “America’s favorite Diner”. The waitress sat us, got a highchair, pointed at the helmet and the first words she says to us are, “What is this!?” I politely answered and explained what it is. It was her response and attutude that completely threw me. 

“Oh ya, I know all about it my grand daughter had one.” And then she just walked away. Not another word. 

*face palm* 

If you “know all about it”, then why are you disturbing my breakfast with your unnecessary questions? 

It’s times like these, when people ask and ask, say ridiculous things and then follow it up with arrogant comments, that drive us nuts and stick with us. 

 My advice? 

If you have no idea how to be a decent human being and carry on a civil conversation, then do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask questions, make comments, or try to relate to anyone. Just spare everyone the time and consult Google. 

On the other hand, these encounters are rare, or we are just getting better at ignoring them. We get a lot more positive comments then negative. 

Every where we go, Jackalynn turns on the charm and starts making friends. 

I’ll be minding my own business, strolling through Ikea and hear women make cooing noises, or comments to their husbands about, “how cute that baby is“. One young girl told her boyfriend “Stop! Me and that baby were bonding and you ruined it!” Without having to look, I knew “that baby” was the one sitting in the cart in front of me.

On that same trip, Jackalynn was serenading the store with what we call, the song of her people (that sing song, yelling babble that babies do) and I hear a group of older men behind me saying “Well! That was a bold statement for such a little lady! Arent you cute!” Again, I knew that “little lady” was  my little lady. 
So all in all, the helmet has been uneventful and rather easy. Other than making Jackalynn a magnet for constant attention. Which only increases my anxiety about stranger danger! 

Ooohhh good ole Mom life! 

Thank you for reading and following our story. Please be sure to like this post and follow for updates. 

Jackalynn and me at Cabrillo National Monument.


Finding My Happy Place

I have never been one to use visualization techniques to calm anxiety. I can remember as far back as elementary school, many times when teachers would make us visualize things like peaceful meadows, beaches and forests, or sometimes our own “happy place”. 

I would do this but it never helped me personally with whatever lesson they were teaching. Obviously, because I vaguely remember the lessons that followed.  

When I was pregnant, I read and heard so much about visualizing your happy place, or imagining what your baby will look like in order to calm your nerves and help through labor. Well, in my opinion, that was a joke! I knew that this would not work for me, but I told my self I would try it anyway. SPOILER ALERT: I tried it and it didn’t help me during labor. 

They’ve never worked, or maybe I’ve never had a true “happy place” to go to. That is, until last Monday. 

I’m not scared of much. Few things actually, and I like to think they are totally normal things to be scared of. 

  • Ghosts 
  • Clowns
  • The 91 (if you live in California, you know!)

And last but certainly not least…….

  • The Dentist 

Yes…..yes, I know. “But there’s nothing to be scared of at the dentist.”  I’ve told myself this every time I’ve ever gone to the dentist, but every time, I get the worst anxiety and I become a shaky, sweaty mess. 

I didn’t go to the dentist often growing up, but in high school I had braces and spent more time at the dentist and orthodontist than I’d ever like to again. So I should be ok right? WRONG! I had horribly mean, arrogant dentists who made me hate going even more. Once those braces were off, and my mom stopped making my appointments (because I was 18) I just stopped going. But, being a Mom, and the responsible adult I am today (wow, thats a weird thing to call myself), I decided that I needed to get over my fear and get back to the dentist. Mostly to set a good influence for Jackalynn, in hopes that she won’t have the same fear that I do.

I mean, if I could make it through 19 hours of labor, I could make it through 1 hour at the dentist, right? 

So, last Monday I was scheduled for a deep cleaning. My first deep cleaning ever and my first dental anything, in about 6 years. My anxiety was high for days leading up to the appointment. The moment I walked in the office, I kept telling myself the trick I had learned in high school, 

“Breath through your nose, and wiggle your toes!” 

The Dentist came in and assessed me, I explained my anxiety and he was very understanding and made sure to make me as comfortable and possible. He even stopped to numb my gums even more and make sure I was comfortable. I was still a shaking, sweaty mess. 

I was lying there, breathing through my nose and wiggling my toes for a good 20 minutes, tense as my body could be and trying not to shake the chair too much. My anxiety at this point is telling me that I’m going to shake the chair too much, he’s going to cut me with this drill and I’m gonna die…….totally irrational, I know right? 

All of a sudden, Jackalynn’s favorite song pops into my head. I start singing it to myself, silently. 

“I love you, I love you. You make the world so bright. Morning, Noon and Night.” 

Then I start singing her other favorite songs, The Barney Song, Sesame Street and Somewhere over the Rainbow. Then I’m seeing her face laughing at me and playing peek-a-boo……and all of a sudden I realized I was totally relaxed. I wasn’t shaking anymore, and my heart wasn’t racing…….

And then the dentist stops and asks if I’m ok……..I was humming out loud and he thought I was in pain!! 

I almost died laughing and told him what was going on. He laughed and said “Whatever works for you!” 

And it did work for me. Like nothing has ever worked to calm my nerves before.

I could see her smile, and hear her laugh so vividly that it made me laugh and smile, even tho I had a drill and hoses in my mouth. In the blink of an eye, I went from being terrified, to feeling like I could handle anything. All because of Jackalynn. 

I went in scared, but I finished that appointment with a smile on my face and the realization that I have found my happy place, and her name is Jackalynn Lee. 

Do you have a special happy place that helps you through hard times? Leave a comment and tell me your stories! I’d love to read them!

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Pets, Gardening and Backyard Chickens

Long before I was Jackalynn’s mom, I was mom to a Miya, Sherman and Rambo.
My dog, turtle and cat.

I currently have a container garden that I started a few weeks ago and most recently, I started taking care my Father In Laws Chickens. Something I love more than I could have ever imagined. I mean, I knew I would love Jackalynn, it’s natural to love your own child, but I never realized you could actually LOVE a chicken. Well I do, a lot!

Every morning, I wake up 2 hours before Jackalynn, make a cup of coffee and start my Mom duties. First, the house pets.

I start by letting Rambo and Miya out. Rambo sleeps in the Bathroom, otherwise he causes a ruckus all night. But he usually spends most of his day hanging out in the bathtub, so he doesn’t mind his nightly retreat. While those two do their morning business, I start my coffee and fill up their food and water. I check Sherman’s water bowl, and if he’s not still sleeping, I might give him some lettuce as a treat, but his feedings are normally in the late afternoons. Next it’s on to the outdoor stuff.

I start with the chicks. We have 8 silkies who are currently 7-8 weeks old. I change their water, give them food and some love. We feed them Purina Start and Grow non medicated. That’s it. They are super simple to take care of. As long as they have food, clean water and a clean home, they are happy. Today we will start working on their permanent coop, right now they are still on their brooder.

Then I head back and feed the large hens. We have 24 layers and 1 Rooster. They are a little more work than the chicks are at the moment. First I check for any eggs that have been left over night. Because we have a rooster, and do not want to hatch eggs, I collect eggs a couple of times a day. If I don’t, there are a couple of hens who will try to hold on to their eggs and then it becomes harder to collect them. So collecting several times a day prevents this.

After I’ve collected the eggs, I clean up any mess that needs to be picked up. Chickens are very messy birds, and it’s important to do daily maintenence otherwise you can end up with a very dirty coop, and very unhappy, or even sick, birds. Once I’ve checked their food and water, it’s off to water the Garden.


My container garden is only a few weeks old, and still growing. It consists of;

  • Zuccini
  • Tomato
  • Bellpeppers
  • Hot peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Spinach (sprouts)
  • Lettuce (sprouts)

I also have several other seeds that haven’t sprouted yet  so I don’t want to count them in the line up, in case they never do sprout.  In addition to the vegetable garden, I have a few succulents and other plants.

My overall goal, is to teach Jackalynn useful skills. Today, it is a fun activity that she watches and enjoys, and will enjoy as she grows, but one day, that fun activity will turn into a useful skill that will help her as an adult.

I’m definitely no pro, but we are learning new things every day and it is so much fun to have a hobby that produces useful goods.

Do you have a hobby that you and your family enjoy together, or one that you enjoy alone? Share your favorites in the comments! 

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5:58 AM

For over a week, I’ve been stuck and didn’t have an clue what to blog about. I asked Jairo last night, and his answer, “Just write about life. It’s not always perfect.” 

So……here it goes. 

It’s 5:58 AM. I’m sitting in the bathroom drinking coffee, because there’s no where else in our “studio” to sit that I won’t end up waking the baby, or Jairo, who just got home from work 1.5 hours ago. This is my quite place. 

I should be getting dressed and going to feed the chickens, the dog, the cat, the turtle and my garden (hell, I should be feeding myself!), but it’s been a tough week and to be honest, I just feel lazy. So for now, I’ll sit here on the edge of my tub, in my Grandpa’s robe, sipping coffee out of my “New Mommy” mug.  

In all reality, it’s been more than a tough week, it’s been a tough year. 

But we do a pretty good job at looking past the bad and being grateful for all the good in our lives. Sometimes tho, things just get to be too much. And that’s where I’m at today. 

Let me start by briefly (or not so briefly) explaining our situation. 

We live in a house that is owned by my Father in Law. There is a main house and an add on. We live in the add on, and another family lives in the main house (they were there before we moved in). We pay all of the utilities for the property (which is more than we make in a month) and they pay……..well we don’t really know, whatever it is that they have arranged with my father in law. I could go on and on for days about the issues here but to explain it shortly, they don’t like us living here and they pretty much make it known. 

So now I’ll take you back to the beginning of my week. And this part of the story needs explaining for you to understand the whole picture.

I had just layed Jackalynn down for a nap and Jairo had just gone to sleep (remember, he works night shift), when one of their three dogs, starts jumping on the rot iron gate (which is attached to the wall next to Jacky’s bed) and barking. This went on for about 5 minutes before I opened the window and told the dog to stop. Before I closed the window and walked away, the man who lives in the main house walks up and says “Common go…….puta juera!” 

Yup. That’s right. His dog is breaking MY gate, and waking up my baby, and I’m a “Puta Juera” (that means stupid white girl in Spanish, btw). 

The next morning, I go outside to water my plants and find cigarette butts IN MY PLANTS! So I’m already frustrated that we have no money because we pay their utility bills, and now this?? 

And now here’s where the week gets really good…….

On Tuesday, Jairos supervisor informed him and all the other Temps that the college is doing their “Fiscal year” and within 8 days all of the Temps will be fired…….our single income family will now have no income. We’ve already struggled since Jackalynn was born and I stopped working, and we’ve done it without asking for help, and all while keeping it together and being happy (we truly have been happy even tho we have so little). 

We aren’t really sure what we will do yet, but we are taking it day by, day. Jairo has applied for other positions where he works, so there’s a chance he could still get a permanent spot. He is also in the process of testing to become a Border Patrol Agent. 

I have faith one of those doors will open for him. 

We had so many plans for what we would do when we get our tax return, like taking Jacky on a vacation, but that will have to wait. I am thankful that we will have a tax return at all, and when we need it most, but man, it freaking sucks that we have to use that money for bills. 

I know one day, none of this will matter, and I will look back and be proud of us for making it through this time……but for now, I’m just going to drink coffee and pray for better days. 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”             -Philippians 4:6-7