Testing Tuesday: Love, Beauty and Planet.

It's another Testing Tuesday sponsored by my favorite website, Crowdtap. This time around I was able to test the new Unilever brand; Love, Beauty and Planet The mission behind the brand is this: "Our goal is a carbon footprint so small, it's like we weren't even here. We've started our journey by loading our products... Continue Reading →


Testing Tuesday: Uniliver and Crowdtap. 

Over the last several months, Crowdtap has offered many Uniliver samplings. I have been lucky enough to receive 2 of those samplings. The latest is my favorite. In the Uniliver (12) box, I recieved Nexuss Humectruss shampoo and conditoner Dove Invisible Solid Deodorant (Fresh) Dove Clinical Strength Deodorant        (Cool Essentials) Pond's makeup... Continue Reading →

365 days.

At this time, 1 year ago, (6/27/2016) I sat on my hospital bed holding my newborn baby (who had just finished treatment for Jaundice) and listening to my delivery doctor talk. At this point in the conversation, she was an adult on a Charlie Brown cartoon , a muffled sound that I couldn't make out.... Continue Reading →

Helmet Update and Giveaway Winner! 

At the start of Jackalynn's treatment, they told us it would be a total of 7 months, minimum. Jackalynn had other plans.  At her last appointment on May 9th, Jackalynn measured in at a 4.8% (down from a 6.9% the month before). To remind you, normal head shape measures between 1 and 4. Mike has... Continue Reading →

Being Kind to Mom

With Mothers Day approaching (and Mexican Mothers Day having already passed, we celebrate both in this Family).... Are you serious?! I just spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself and couch....... (This is real mom life people!!) Well anyway.....back to my original post.... With Mother's Day approaching (my first!), I've been thinking a lot.... Continue Reading →

Testing Tuesday V8 V-Fusion Energy 

On this Testing Tuesday, I'm going to tell you about V8 Energy, which I received complimentary, for testing purposes, from BzzAgents.  (Keep reading for your chance to win a 6 pack for yourself!)  I was super excited and ready for this bzzkit.  I am a daily coffee drinker, and own just about every type of... Continue Reading →

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